Down by Twan B.
last updated: 22:03 19-7-2006

I'm so ready

I got the ticket to watch them. So this night there was no curfew for me and I walked late at night past the glowing buildings towards the park. Even though the whole street was lit up by the buildings, they radiated somewhat of an eerie atmosphere. The best view would be from the 3rd floor and that's where I went up to. A few people had already gathered in the apartment dressed up to look like giving us a vip-treatment. They got pretty close to really get it that way. The lights were dimmed and I got myself a spot at a window, from where I had (probably) one of the best views over most of the park. I saw already a few scavenging around the park, when the tone of the speaker's voice obviously indicated that the machines were on their way. I could feel the anxiety of the men around me. A decadent bunch of hypocrites I must say. Merely out of boredom than out of interest I observed the well-dressed party of about a dozen. They were all here for one obvious reason; to feel good about their position in society. The selfishness of the visitors caused for neither of them to show any interest in me. For the occasion I dressed up to match the circumstances; I'd fit in perfectly if it hadn't been for my deviating thoughts. No one even made a close attempt to talk to me; I guess they all assumed I was an outsider. And we all know how is thought about outsiders; it's great to take their money, but any further as that is of no interest to anyone anymore. Yesterday's survivors were looking awkwardly suspicious tonight. They were dressed in several layers of clothes. Most likely taken from those who didn't make it to today. The scarves, hats and gloves made them pretty hard to identify, even in this pretty clear evening. It was rather cloudy, but the moon still cast enough of a glare to distinguish almost every obstacle in the park. As I thought myself I would search for a hideout in the several heaps of fallen leaves and thrash, my eye got hold of a dark figure moving quite self-assured towards a bench with on it what I assumed to be leaves. The little blue led-lights started flickering as I saw a glistering object being cast at a high speed at the bench. All of a sudden I noticed the silence and looked at the men around me watching in awe. The indescribable sound made my head turn towards the spectacle once more. The moonlight made all the colours rather blurry, yet the reddish colour was rather hard to be mistaken for something else than blood.

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