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GentleNova started out as a two-man project, in the south of the Netherlands, founded by Dex and Joe. Their objective was making music they both liked a lot, based on the more atmospheric and 'gentle' side of music. They soon figured out four hands weren't enough to carry out their musical ambitions.

Lacking a drummer, they got Lars into the band. Coming from a different musical background, he gave GentleNova a new perspective, something they just needed. The project started to look more and more like a serious 'band', and the decision was made to look for a guitar player whose sound would fit in with theirs.

Another piece of the puzzle fell in place when Don joined the band. And with all intentions headed in the same direction, they started to rehearse and mould ideas into songs. Unfortunately soon after the band felt like a tight-knit foursome, the unity was brutally torn apart by 'a lack of Joe-time'. Since then GentleNova continued as a bassless band. But november 2004 they found: Jack (Vertigo). And conclusively; August 2007 Lars was replaced by Twan on drums. With the loss of Lars on backup vocals, Dex realised he wanted to focus more on his guitar, so we found Milo to take over the vocals. April 2008 Don decided to move to Amsterdam. And after a short audition-round we found Roy to fill his place. And thus the five pieces fit...

Dex - vocals & guitars
Milo - vocals
Don - guitars
Jack - bass
Twan - drums & percussion
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