7-3-2009 || GentleNova decided to quit. Also the domain gentlenova.nl is no more, please adjust your bookmarks to www.rvpmedia.net/gentlenova

11-10-2008 || GentleNova is working on completing the demo-album.

23-5-2008 || GentleNova welcomes our new guitarist: Roy.

22-4-2008 || I had to take down the weblog due to spambots. I'm working on a new fix.

8-4-2008 || Don decided to move to Amsterdam. With pain in our hearts we say good-bye to one of the best guitarists we had the privilage working with.

4-4-2008 || A few tracks are added to the media-section. These tracks were recoded during rehearsal-sessions. They feature Twan on drums and Milo on vocals.

16-3-2008 || The firts few pictures of the recordings are added to the media-section.

11-3-2008 || We're getting ready to record the drum-tracks forthcoming weekend.

13-12-2007 || We're working on (re-)finishing the available songs with Milo's input. The next step is recording a new demo.

26-11-2007 || The biography is updated, as is the bio-page of Milo.

24-11-2007 || We found a singer: 'Milo', who'll be thouroughly introduced soon.

25-10-2007 || The new guestbook is online. Unfortunately all the old entries have been lost in the new version. If you nevertheless want to read back into history, you can so here.

24-10-2007 || The guestbook is temporarily unavailable. We're working on a fix.

20-10-2007 || The new site is up and running.

17-10-2007 || The new promotional pictures taken by Huub Krauth added to the media-section.

17-9-2007 || Twan will be spending his week off in Berlin (D).

12-9-2007 || Pictures of yesterday's rehearsal were added to the media-section.

9-9-2007 || ...added a Dutch version of the biography.

6-9-2007 || We fixed some big browser-compatibility issues. Still, the site looks best in MS IE.

5-9-2007 || Pictures from the 2006-shoot with Andrea added to the media-section

2-9-2007 || We started working on new guide-tracks to use for recording the keys with Nem-Q's Dennis Renders.

22-8-2007 || GentleNova started working on a new website.

20-8-2007 || After a few changes of bandmembers, GentleNova found a new drummer; Twan Bakker, former 'Dreadlock Pussy' and 'Sons of the Rain'. More details when the new website is online.

29-11-2005 || Dennis Renders (on keys) decided not to remain with GentleNova. We wish him all te best and are sorry to see him leave.

14-6-2005 || GentleNova decided not to use the recordings for commercial purposes. GentleNova wish to thank the following for their cooperation: Saskia (Morning), Stock Audio & Light, Muziekhuis Busch Echt, Petwin @ Scorpiostudio and Triepels Slagwerk.

24-3-2005 || Saskia van Heugten of Morning will be appearing on the track 'Answers'.